Jan 31, 2012

Google in Education, Updated

Is Google is permeating the world of learning/education?  If you are a parent or educator, you might be interested in taking a look at the following links.  (I will follow this topic and include my reflections in a few future posts.)

Google in Education
Guide to Going Google (K-12 Edition,Google Apps Site)
Google in Education (Google+ Site)
Google in Education: A New and Open World for Learning (pdf)
Google Educator Resources
Example:  Google Lit Trips
North American K-12 Regional User Groups (Google Apps for Education)

Here is a good overview from the Mind/Shift website:
Google Launches Redesigned Education Site
Tina Barseghian, MindShift 1/30/12

Note:  Mind/Shift is curated by people at KQED, part of the NPR Argo Network.

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