Jan 1, 2016

Intro to "Empowering All Learners (and Teachers)" Blog

I'd like to welcome the New Year with a link to a blog I've just started:

Empowering All Learners and Teachers

One goal I have for the new blog is to support multi-media sharing among educators and others about ways they are successfully implementing new technologies into teaching and learning experiences. 

The blog is open to all learners and educators -  in traditional PK-12 settings, colleges and universities, community organizations, and of course, families.

In 2006, I started the Interactive Multimedia Technology, blog, initially as an on-going resource for participants some of the workshops I presented during that year that focused on the topic of "Interactive Multimedia Technology: A Tool for Prevention and Intervention". It quickly gained a solid following and for many years, I posted more than once a week. 

I will continue to post on this blog - as of today, it has received 1,367,673 page views and maintains a core of followers!


The first video is a brief overview of Richard E. Mayer's Theory of Multimedia Learning. The second one is a presentation about visual thinking and learning, by Thomas G. West, author of "In the Minds Eye" and "Thinking Like Einstein".  

The last two videos are presentations by James Paul Gee on the topics of learning, language/literacy, and the positive aspects of videogames. James Paul Gee has authored books such as "What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy" and "Good Video Games and Good Learning".