Oct 17, 2008

Time for More Touch! NASA's collaborative multi-touch table by Gesturetek and Inhance Digital Corporation; HP touch-screen notebook; NextWindow

NASA Multi-Touch Illuminate Table
This is a picture of Gesturetek's interactive multi-touch installation for the NASA Moon Station exhibit, at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Inhance Digital Corporation collaborated with Gesturetek on this project too create a multi-user game that teaches players about one of NASA's lunar outposts.

Read the press release for more information and links related to Gesturetek's multi-touch-multi-point display. Inhanced Digital Corporation's website is worth the visit. The company is involved with a variety of interactive project, including the "Connected Home", in cooperation with Cisco Systems.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal (10/16/08), Hewlett-Packard will unveil a touch-screen notebook. Frog Design, the company that developed the touch-screen browser-interface on the HP Touchsmart PC is working on this product.

To learn more about Frog Design and HP touch-screen technology, go to the source and read this post on GeekTieGuy's blog: The cat's finally out of the bag..

I happen to love my HP TouchSmart. (Secret: It can handle at least duo-touch input, since it has a NextWindow touch screen interface)

More from NextWindow:

Campbell Live Set
103-inch display for election coverage in New Zealand.

Collaborative project between NextWindow and Nemes for a museum application.

It is good to see more touch screen technology in museums... Next step, the classroom?
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