Jan 2, 2012

Near Field Communication in Education? Arts? Wayfinding?

A few weeks ago I posted about the use of Near Field Communication at the Museum of London, and started to slowly gather information about the potential of this technology for use in educational settings.  Below are a few links, more to follow:

Future Forecasting: Near Field Communication (NFC) in mLearning
Diane Rees, Instructional Design Fusions

Reference for Diane's article:
Miraz, G.M., Ruiz, I.L., & Gómez-Nieto, M.A. (2009). University of Things: Applications of Near Field Communication Technology in University Environments. The Journal of E-working, 3(1), 52-64. Retrieved from http://www.inderscience.com/www/info/ijwi/art/tjew3101.pdf

One of Diane's links:
A Platform for Pervasive Infrastructures (pdf)
Saros, J., Lindstrom, D., & Karin Wollbrand, Ericsson Research

Near Field Communication adds a new Layer to Museums
Kirsten Winkler, Big Think, 8/18/11

Ervasti, M.; Isomursu, M.; Kinnuyla, M. Experiences from NFC Supported School Attendance Supervision for Children Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies 2009.  Ubicomm '0
Internet Librarian 2011:  Next Big Trends: Near Field Communication & Interactive Books
Gretchen Caserotti, Kristen Yarmey, and Sheli McHugh, Librarian in Black, 10/17/11
"Phygital" Wayfinding and Experience Mapping
Mark VanderKlipp, Corbin Design, 9/23/11
Near Field Communication: Changing the Digital Signage Value Proposition
NFC Bootcamp
How to Have Fun with Near Field Communication on Android
Ryan Whitwam, Tested,  4/27/11

More posts are in the works - update from interactive multimedia, games,  and NUI companies, links to great blogs, and more.

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