Sep 20, 2012

Thinking about a Kurio 7 Tablet for your kid? Here is a start!

I haven't had a chance to play with the Kurio, a 7 inch Android tablet designed for children and their families, so I haven't formulated an opinion about the device, or the applications that it runs.  I thought I'd share the promotional video and related information/links:

Kurio Tablet from CIDE on Vimeo.

Parents can view a number of "how-to" videos to get the tablet up and running. Developers can apply to be part of the Kurio store. From what I can see, the Kurio is in need of some creative, child-friendly apps.

Below is a hands-on demo:

Kurio at Toys'R'Us
Toon Goggles Partners with Techno Source on New Kurio7 Android Tablet for Families
PR Web 7/9/12
Kurio's Features

Toys 'R' Us has its own tablet, the Tabeo:


Shital Desai said...

Do we really need a separate tablet for children?

John Kurio said...

I think this is a great tablet for the kids.