Feb 16, 2008

MyMap email visualization, related link

I came across a link to the MyMap project via Andrea Gaggioli's Positive Technology Journal, reblogged from Information Aesthetics:

"Christopher Baker is an artist whose work engages the rich collection of social, technological and ideological networks present in the urban landscape. Baker creates artifacts and situations that reveal and generate relationships within and between these networks."

Here is a link to his MyMap project website. MyMap is an e-mail visualization. It won "Best in Show" during the Spring 2007 University of Minnesoa College of Design Student Exhibition.

Below are pictures from the site:

Smaller groups can be examined.A date range can be chosen.Individual connections can be highlighted.mymap-rotated.jpg

Description from Christopher Baker's website:

"I created My Map, a relational map and alternative self portrait. My Map is a piece of custom designed software capable of rendering the relationships between myself and individuals in my address book by examining the TO:, FROM:, and CC: fields of every email in my email archive. The intensity of the relationship is determined by the intensity of the line. My Map allows me to explore different relational groupings and periods of time, revealing the temporal ebbs and flows in various relationships. In this way, My Map is a veritable self-portrait, a reflection of my associations and a way to locate myself."

Looking at MyMap, I could see the potential for use of this program on an interactive whiteboard or display. It would be good if optimised for a mobile device, too!

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