Jan 2, 2009

Play a flute by blowing on your iPhone!

Smule's Ocarina application: Play a flute by blowing on your iPhone!

I meant to post about this a while ago- here is a group of people playing a relaxing version of "Stairway to Heaven" on their iPhones:

"How To" Video:

Picture via Brothersoft Editor's Blog:

"- Blow into your microphone to generate music
- Hold down combinations of the holes to change your pitch
- Tilt your phone from front to back to change the vibrato depth
- Tilt your phone from side to side to change the vibrato rate

You can connect with other Ocarina players around the world via your iPhone.

Video of Smule's
Zephyr application:

Take some time and explore the other applications developed by Smule.
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