Jan 18, 2009

BETT 09: UK's Annual ICT (Ed Tech) conference - Tabletop Computing and More

BETT is the annual ICT & educational technology conference held in the UK. The UK has the highest number of classrooms in the world with interactive whiteboards, which has been an interesting transformation to follow over the past few years.

I've posted several video clips from BETT '09, which was held this month (January), along with some other resources. Tabletop computing applications for education were demonstrated by Microsoft Surface and Smart Technologies. Take a look!

BETT 2009 Video Overview

Microsoft Surface at BETT 2009

More Surface for Education: User Interface and Paint

Physics and Social Studies

Orientation and Images

Science: Medical and Health Care

SMARTTable at BETT 09
(Note: The two clips below look as if they were taken with a cell phone video camera. I'll post higher-quality videos if I find them.)

SMART Technologies PR video

I think there is a need for more application development in this area!

The following two clips are from the visitor's point of view, overwhelmed by it all...

SMARTTechnologies SMARTTable

Microsoft Surface
BETT 2008 Video Magazine
BETT 2008 Teachers TV Report
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