Mar 30, 2009

Softkinetic 3D Gesture Recognition for Games and Rehabilitative Play

Taking 3D interaction further, Softkinetic has developed middle-ware that uses a 3D camera to support full-body gesture interaction with games and other applications. No controllers or devices are needed!

The following video is narrated in Portuguese, I, think, but you can understand the content in any language. I you love the Wii, you'll probably like this!

Here is a video that demonstrate how Softkinetic and Silverfit paired together to develop rehabilitative games for the elderly and others:

The following table is from the Silverfit website:
Game Movement trained
Puzzle While sitting down, bend whole body left and right, and stand up. Cognitive/visual component.
Mole Balance exercise by stepping with one leg while standing.
Catching grapes Walking movement left and right.
Walking Walking in place, while avoiding obstacles and thresholds. Activity of Daily Life (ADL) component.
Arm exercise Arm stretching and reaching in all directions with one or both arms. ADL component.
Picking flowers Walking backwards, forwards and sideways. Optionally, bending down.
Memory Arm stretching left, right, forwards and upwards. Cognitive component.


Softkinetic and Silverfit Introduce Senior-Targeted Gaming

(Danny Cowan, Gamasutra, 12/19/08)

Softkinetic's Gesture-Based Interactive TV Action:
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