Aug 21, 2006

The Importance of Media Literacy - Link to Quotes

This is a link to quotes from a variety of people about media literacy.

The quotes were posted on the Media Literacy Clearinghouse Website. If that link does not work, try this one. The Media Literacy Clearninghouse has a variety of resources for K-12 educators.

Aug 9, 2006

Link to MegaList of Resources and References: Psychology, Technology, Prevention & Intervention

Take a look at the mega-list of references and resources for psychology, technology, education, prevention and intervention posted on the TechPsych blog. Many of the references include links on-line articles and resources.

Here are links to information about RippleEffects and Dimenxian, interactive multimedia applications for kids and teens.

For those of you gearing up for the new school year, read my posts on the TechPsych blog about the following applications:
Link to post on the TechPsych blog about Dimenxian, an engaging interactive 3D game for algebra. Link to post on the TechPsych blog about RippleEffects for Teens and RippleEffects for Kids, social learning and behavioral intervention software.

Aug 7, 2006

David Rose, from CAST, addressed the NCLB Commission on the importance of Universal Design for Learning(UDL). Here is the link!

CAST to NCLB Commission: There's a Way to 'Leave No Child Behind'

Chief Scientist David Rose makes case for universally designed approaches

Wakefield, Mass., August 2, 2006 --Today CAST Chief Scientist and Co-Founding Director David Rose told the bipartisan Commission on No Child Left Behind (NCLB) that applying Universal Design for Learning principles is the best way to ensure that all children, including those with disabilities, have equal opportunities to a high-quality education...........

Aug 6, 2006

MindHabits Demo: Interactive game for identifying facial expressions and increasing self-esteem.

Mind Habits was developed by Dr. Mark Baldwin, a social psychologist, and his colleagues at McGill University.

Visit the on-line demo of Mind Habits , which includes on-line versions of several games.

Vist Mind Habits

Aug 2, 2006

TechPsych: New technology, psychology, and education blog

I've created a new blog, open to posts and comments. The following is from the first post:

The TechPsych blog..... is primarily for school psychologists, educational technologists, school counselors, special education teachers, transition/school to work coordinators,curriculum specialists, and others who are interested in discussing how technology can be more effectively used in schools and other environments.

A primary focus of this blog will be sharing "how to", "what works" and "lessons learned" in several overlapping areas- the topics below are only suggestions:
  • The use of technology to facilitate and promote school-wide intervention and prevention planning (academic, behavior, social skills) for all students, using a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach.
  • The use of technology to facilitate needs assessment, individual and larger group progress monitoring, data analysis, to ensure "data-driven" decision-making processes.
  • The use of technology for group interventions, including counseling, study skills, social skills and support/coping skills groups.
  • The use of technology for collaboration and communication among colleagues, more specifically school-based problem solving teams, intervention/assistance teams, curriculum teams, etc.
  • The use of technology to promote family/school communication, family involvement, parent education, distance learning opportunities, etc.
  • Research-into-practice: This is an important component!
If you are working at a university, or if you are a graduate student, and you are doing some research in the schools that involves technology and something related to intervention, prevention, etc., this is the place to share your experiences and resources.