Jan 27, 2007

Create 3D-like landscapes on-line

This interactive website from Park Studio in Russia allows you to create various land forms. It has a easy-to use interface and might work well on an interactive whiteboard. It looks like it was created for teaching geography or earth science, but it is fun to play with!

Jan 25, 2007

Link to info about a "super touch screen" for Google Earth - it has multiple uses.

Watch this video about a "super touch screen" for Google Earth from Perceptive Pixel! More information about this can be found on the TechPsych blog, and from the Google Earth Blog. I think this application would be great for visual learners.

Applications like this are immersive and engaging. If you are an educator, think about the ways you could use this application in your classroom!

Link to related article.


Jan 20, 2007

Gaming at the Library


The Public Library of Charlotte Mecklenburg
is has developed a gaming program and has recently established a space at SecondLife for Teens. (For more information, see my post on the TechPsych blog.)

The PLCMC offers teen gaming events at various libraries throughout the county, and a Gaming Zone for all ages at the main library's Virtual Village. The library has a set of new AlienWare laptop computers, used for LAN parties:

more pictures of the Game Zone program


I'd like to see the library purchase Dimenxian, a 3D game that teaches Algebra. It has multiplayer capabilities, so it would be great on the new AlienWare LAN system. For more information, see the Tabula Digita site.

ImaginOn, the children and teen's main library, offers many opportunities that involve technology, including a video production studio,
Studio i. The library offers workshops such as " Take Photos for Your Webpage" , "Make MySpace Photos Come to Life", and events such as a Dance Dance Revolution tournament, Family Gaming Night, and video game club meetings.

If you don't know what is going on at the library these days, I urge you to find out! Share this information with parents, colleagues, and the young people in your life.


Jan 3, 2007

Take a look at the posts on the Tech Psych blog!

I've posted a few links to good articles and websites related to multimedia and educational technology on the TechPsych blog. Take a look!

-Lynn Marentette