Nov 6, 2012

Revisiting the Multi-touch Parody of CNN's Magic Map, by Fred Armisen on Saturday Night Live Weekend Update

Photo via engadget

About four years ago I almost rolled out on the floor laughing at Fred Armisen's parody of CNN's Magic Map Wall during the Weekend Update segment of Saturday Night Live.  When I came across the video clip, I couldn't resist sharing it on my blog, and thought I'd share the video clip once again in honor of Election Day:

Video clip via Hulu

My 10/25/08 post,  Multi-touch Parody of CNN's Magic Map Wall by Fred Armisen on SNL's MegaPixel Giant Touch-map, was written when large touch-screen displays were beginning to gain steam in a variety of markets.  At the time, not all of the kinks had been worked out, and there were few people around who knew much about developing programs for use on these displays.  Since then, there have been many improvements in both hardware and software.   

Jeff Han, of Perceptive Pixel, provided the multi-touch screen system for CNN and the SNL parody.  He recently sold Perceptive Pixel to Microsoft and now works as a general manager for Microsoft Office. He's spreading the word about Microsoft's venture into large multi-touch displays- (55 and 82 inches), powered by Windows 8.  

For more information about Jeff Han and Microsoft Office, take a look at my blog post featuring  a recent video of Jeff Han's presentation about Windows 8 for large displays, Microsoft's new multi-touch, pen, and ink technology. The video also includes a presentation about experience design considerations for large displays, by Nathan Fish.

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