Sep 30, 2015

Looking forward to attending UIST in Charlotte NC!

I am happy to share that I will be attending the UIST 15, the 28th ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium, from November 8-11. It will be held in my hometown, Charlotte, N.C. 

I look forward to sharing what I learn with my colleagues at NUITEQ and with educators who are interested in learning more about the technologies that have the potential to impact the future.

According to the conference website, "The ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST) is the premier forum for innovations in human-computer interfaces. Sponsored by ACM special interest groups on computer-human interaction (SIGCHI) and computer graphics (SIGGRAPH), UIST brings together people from diverse areas including graphical & web user interfaces, tangible & ubiquitous computing, virtual & augmented reality, multimedia, new input & output devices, and CSCW. The intimate size and intensive program make UIST an ideal opportunity to exchange research results and ideas."

I am exited to see what new technologies are making way into K-12 educational settings-- for example, the following video from the UIST 15 conference website highlights software and hardware innovations for animatronics. High school students work on creative projects that support storytelling, while learning about technology and engineering concepts.

There are many opportunities for young children to gain a range of skills.  In the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools,  Oakhurst Elementary School was renovated and re-envisioned as a STEAM magnet program. 

What is STEAM?   

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.

The following video provides an overview of the exciting things happening at Oakhurst:

Sep 19, 2015

Working with NUITEQ as a K-12 Tech Specialist

I'm happy to announce that I am working with NUITEQ as a K-12 Technology Specialist. NUITEQ has made a commitment to developing educational solutions to meet the needs of students and teachers in today's technology-rich classrooms.

Take a look at a recent post I wrote for the NUITEQ blog:

The 21st Century Classroom and Multi-touch Technology

You might also be interested in the new Pinterest site I created as resource for teachers who will be using NUITEQ's multi-touch software, MultiTeach. The Pinterest boards will be regularly updated:

MultiTeach Resources on Pinterest
MultiTeach Pinterest

Below are some pictures of a little guy I know and love, happily exploring what MultiTeach has to offer:

What I like about the NUITEQ team is that it aims to put users front and center at each phase of development.  For education, this means teachers and students.  

Note:  I will continue to share my interactive multimedia and emerging technology discoveries in future Interactive Multimedia Technology posts!