Sep 1, 2009

VideoJet: Touch PDC Multimedia Mobile Games for Children; Video Jet KIU, a French "Wii"

I came across this portable touch-screen multimedia device today on the web, and had difficulty finding more information about it. It is from Videojet, a company that provides mobile games and devices for children, as well as game consoles for use in the home.

PDC Touch Multimedia

The devices is PDC Touch Multimedia, a handheld multi-purpose touch-screen/video camera, camera/ game console, M-3 player that has 16 GB of on-board memory, offers 105 games and application. 40 titles provide tactile and sensory feedback. This device also provides a mini SD card reader and video outputs.

This device looks like it has assistive technology potential.

When I visited the website, I came across
KIU, Videojet's version of the "Wii":

Videojet kiu (PUB)
Uploaded by prodet. - Watch game reviews, trailers, and walkthrough videos.

I don't know much about this company, and I have never played any of their games. I'd like to know if this company has any educational titles!


Anton Stoychev said...

Both of these seems to be mutated copies of Nintendo.
Judging by the design they're quite immature company. The KIU resembles a baby sitting phone or some cosmetic tool.
If they release educational item it will be after someone else do.

Lynn Marentette said...

These applications and systems are geared for children, and probably would appeal to budget-conscious parents, especially in our weak economy.

The newest item is 99 euros, I think.

Anonymous said...

These 2 items are of excellent quality and playability and yet, at much cheaper prices than competitors!
For information, the games included into the PDC Touch Multimedia are not copies...