Touch, Multi-touch, and Gesture: Interaction and Interfaces (NUI)

Below is a sample of blog posts I've written on the topic of touch, multi-touch, and gesture interaction/interfaces over the past several years.  

Revisiting the Multi-touch Parody of CNN's Magic Map, by Fred Armisen, Saturday Night Live Weekend Update

Razorfish Gesture and Touch Platform for the "Retail Experience"

iMac Touch Concept Video - in case you missed it

 Musings about NUI, Perceptive Pixel and Microsoft, Rapid Creative Prototyping ( lots of video and links) - Revised

Human Computer Interaction + Informal Science Education Conference (NUI News)

Interactive Display at the Local Hyundai Dealership

Musings about still-popular Interactive Multimedia Technology blog posts

Surface Tablet vs. iPad Video, via SAY Media

Got Interactive (Multimedia) Textbooks Inside Your iPad or Tablet?  Lots of Resources!

Kinect-based Telepresence with Room-Sized 3D Capture and Life Sized Display, Includes Behind-the Scene "How-To" (UNC Chapel Hill)


Why bother switching from GUI to NUI?  Asked and Answered by Josh Blake; My 2-cents; Stevie B's Microsoft Research Video; Marco Silva's NUI-HCI Presentation (and links)

FlatFrog Multi-touch Videos: Point Separation, Multi-input, Multi-user input

JavaScript HTML5 iPad Multi-touch Game Controller "How-To" by Seb Lee-Delisle

Multi-touch Update from Stantum

Camera-less Tabletop Computing with Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface with PixelSense

Gesture + Multi-touch Interactive Media Wall, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, 2011 Award of Excellence, Digital Screenmedia Association

mtBar Mult-touch Bar Video (Aaron Bitler); Physical Vision, a Kinect Alternative (Johnathan Brill); DARPA's 3D Glassless Urban Photonic Sandtray

Multimedia, Multi-Touch, and Visitor Participation at the Levine Museum of the New South

Musical Multi-touch/Gestural Interfaces by Osmosis

Multi-touch and Gesture News (Part 1): NUITEQ Updates

Christian Bannister's Interactive Multi-touch and Gesture-based Subcycle Project: Use your hands to shape sound, create, and manipulate music. Wow!

Multi-touch News:  NUITEQ's interactive display at business partk;  Innovation Now's multi-touch anatomy application

Surface Computing, Health, and Hands-on Science Education

Hacking Autism:  Touch Technology for Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorders

New DOOH: TouchTunes Touch Jukebox and Touch Tune Mobile App - 27 locations in my area!

Links - Web of Things:  Touch the Web 2011; Web Patterns and the EPC Cloud, Windows 8 Rumors; Human Centered Service Design

"Microsoft is Imagining a NUI Future".  You can, too!

Revisiting CHI 2011:  Videos of Interactive Touch, Gesture, Large Surface, and Mobile Applications with Potential for Use in Education

Microsoft Surface 2.0 and InfoStrat's Surface 2.0 Information Visualization Controls

NodeBeat HD 1.5 Upgrade, an iOS Music Sequencer: Fun to Play on my iPAd!

Virtual History of Rome for the iPad, Created with Unity

Contre Jour:  My current favorite iPAd game - a good example of touchable, movable multimedia

Kinect in Education

Kinect SoundWall, links to info and code!


LM3LAB's' Useful Map of Interactive Gesture-Based Technologies: Tracking fingers, bodies, faces, images, movement, motion, gestures - and more

Cyan Design's Multi-touch Experiments, Tutorials, and More (Collider Exhibition Series, Interactivity and New Media)

Hans Rosling Interacts with Health Data:  200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes

Interactive Touch-Screen Technology, Participatory Design, and "Getting It"

Osmosis:  Multi-touch systems for...everywhere!

Quick Multi-touch News Links & Pics: GestureTek's 42-inch Mulit-touch GestTable; NUITEQ News; 3M's 20 Touch Multi-touch, Visual Planet's adjustable Multi-touch Surface

Update on Ideum:  Multi-touch, Multi-user Table at the California Science Center

More Multi-touch: So touch Multi-touch Presentation Software for Windows 7

There is a need for multi-touch/gesture designers/developers!

Designing for Multi-touch Tables and Surfaces, by Erin Rose, Open Exhibits

Stantum's Multi-modal Multi-touch Technology:  Looks Great for 21-Century Learning; Supports Creative, Collaborative Knowledge-Sharing

Multi-touch and NUI News:  NUITEQ's Multi-touch Snowflake Suite for Windows 7

How a multi-touch table is made:  NUI Group members Aaron Bitler and Brady Simpson on HAK.5

Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces: 2010 ACM Conference, Nov. 7-10, Saarbruken, Germany.  Wish I could go!

DaVinci Surface Physics Illustrator Interface on Xbox Kinect, with gesture interaction, by Razorfish

Microsoft Surface Light and Physics App for Kids at the Smithsonian

For Techies and the Tech Curious:  Multi-touch/Gesture from the NUI-Group

The Post-WIMP Explorers' Club:  Update of the Updates, Mornin of 12/31/09

CRISTAL: One Giant Remote Control Multi-touch Coffee Table: ACM Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces, 2009, in Banff, Canada

Sensacell Modular Interactive Surface Technology: Interactive Art in NYC

Interactive Memorabilia at the Hard Rock Cafe:  Microsoft's Multi-touch Rock Wall, Companion Surface Installations, and Awesome Touch-Responsive Memorabilia Website

Online Physics Games for Interactive Whiteboards and Touch Screens (including mobile devices)

Surface Flight Tracker Video from fboweb labs/, with background music by Art of Noise for your NUI pleasure

Updated:  More News, Videos, and Links about Multi-touch and Screen Technologies

Ru Zarin's Interactive Multi-touch Applications for the Cognitively Disabled: Social Stories, talking symbols, a piano, and more!

Multi-touch & Gesture Interaction News: NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite 1.7 Compatible with Windows 7 and 3M Touch Systems, N-trig, and Lumino

Multi-touch on Firefox: Felipe Gome's Work

NUI-Group's Christian Moore Interview - Podcast on the Interactive Display 2009 Conference Website

More Multi-touch from members of the NUI Group

NUI-Group Members:  What are they doing now?

NUI-Group Member Bridger Maxwell Receives High School Science Fair Award for Multi-touch Screen Project

DYI Multi-touch....

SPARSH: DYI demo of an open-source multi-touch table and applications by NUI-Group members

Want to make some multi-touch? Try PyMT - Python Multi-touch, Featured in Make, via Sharath Patali.

More Multi-touch and Gesture-based Natural User Interfaces

Stantum's Mobile Phone Multi-touch Interface: Demonstration of Precise Interactions on a Resistive Touch Screen

From the NUITEQ Gallery, via Harry van der Veen "Kids take to multi-touch action naturally!"

Lonely Planet Travel App by Amnesia-Razorfish for the Surface

Interactive Multimedia and Multi-touch at CES

Interactive Touch Tables are Multiplying!  Ideum's new 100" multi-touch museum display, Ubisoft's Ruse on a Surface

Interactive Touch Screens Out and About:  Touch Screen Party Planner for ASDA, by H Squared LTD

Touch Screen and Interactive Displays Biz News; NextWindow; Schematic

Touch Screens and Interactive Displays Biz News, Part III: Transforming the Kiosk Concept

A few things from LM3LABS

Accentures Interactive Wall for the Louvre Exhibit at the High Museum

Multi-touch Musical Instruments - Surface Editor, via the NUI-Group Forum

Engaged, Interactive, Collaborative:  Microsoft Surface, Finguistics, and Churchend School in the UK

Manual Lima's Information Visualization Manifesto & Discussion on the Visual Complexity Blog: Interaction Supporting Analysis is Key

Voyagers and Voyeurs: Supporting Collaborative Information Visualization. (A little dry, but worth watching.)

Look, touch, listen, and play:  Seth Sandler's Interactive Audio Touch Table Video; NUI Group and Google's Summer of Code

Catchyoo's Interactive Touch-screen on the Panasonic Road Show

Grafiti - a multi-touch, table-top, surface computing application, from a member of the NUI Group

The atracTable Multi-touch System from Atracsys

New multi-touch "Gravitoy" application from NUIO; Multi-touch Space Invaders from Barcelona; Open source, touch-less multi-touch SDK on Code-Plex 

Time for More Touch!  NASA's collaborative multi-touch table by Gesturetek and Inhance Digital Corporation; HP touch-screen notebook; NextWindow

Time for More Touch!  Part Two:  Microsoft's "Oahu", a hypothetical (?), affordable version of the Surface multi-touch table

Even more touch!  Paper Four - Capacitive Touch Paper, NUI at DreamHack 2008

Searching for Multi-touch Info?  Drivers for Windows 7 Available from NextWindow & HP TouchSmart... More about N-Trig... Multi-touch Resources

Even More Multi-touch, Delivered by NUI...

Multi-touch Crayon Physics

More from LM3LABS: Interactive Multimedia Content Distribution Kiosks based on Air Strike and the touchless Ubiq'Window

Details about gesture and free-air interaction from LM3LABS and Ubiq'window

Multi-media Business Cards, Face Tracker from LM3LABS

London Design Festival Winners - Visualization Category: Multi-touch Barcelona;  Experiential Category:  LM3LABS

Every Surface a Computer: "Scratch" Capturing Finger Input on Surfaces using Sound - Video by Chris Harrison and Scott Hundson, UIST '08

FireFly Game for Microsoft Surface: Demo by Carbonated Games; A look at Multi-touch by NextWindow

The Internet of Surfaces?  Microsoft Pete Thompson discusses screens and surfaces of all sizes

Creative Programming: openFrameworks - AWESOME for interactive multimedia applications!

Interactive touch-tables and large displays

Yet another video about an interactive touch-table desk with potential for educational settings

How NOT to create an interactive touch-screen map!

NextWindow Human Touch Interactive Display Using Photo Overlays on Google Earth (project)

Usability guidelines for touch screen or surface applications from SAP

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