Jan 28, 2011

"Microsoft is Imagining a NUI Future". You can, too!

Microsoft is Imagining a NUI Future
Steve Clayton, Next at Microsoft Blog, 1/26/11

"Our research shows that the vast majority of people polled in both developed and emerging markets see great potential for NUI applications beyond entertainment. This is especially true in China and India, where 9 out of 10 respondents indicate they are likely to use NUI technology across a range of lifestyle areas – from work, education and healthcare, to social connections, entertainment and the environment. We believe that taking technology to the next billion can be aided by NUI – making technology more accessible and more intuitive to a wider audience". - Steve Clayton, Microsoft

The people at Microsoft don't own the concept!  I'm a member of the NUI Group (May, 2007) and SparkOn.  Both are on-line communities where you can find people who live and breathe NUI, learn about their work, and even share designs and code. If you are intrigued by NUI - as a designer, developer, or user, please join us.

I've been an evangelist and cheerleader for the NUI cause for many years.  If you search this blog for "post-WIMP", "NUI", "multi-touch", "gesture", "off-the-desktop""natural user interaction", "natural user interface", or even "DOOH", you'll be provided with an overwhelming number of posts that include videos, photographs, and links to NUI-related resources, including scholarly articles.  There is a small-but-growing number of people from many disciplines, quietly working on NUI-related projects.

Microsoft Plans a Natural Interface Future Full of Gestures, Touchscreens, and Haptics
Kit Eaton, Fast Company, 1/26/112
Rethinking Computing (video)
Craig Mundie, Microsoft
Interactive Touch-Screen Technology, Participatory Design, and "Getting It" - Revised
Touch Screen Interaction in Public Spaces:  Room for Improvement, if "every surface is to be a computer".


steve clayton said...

hey guys - not suggesting Microsoft owns NUI at all...but we do expect to play a big part!


Lynn Marentette said...

And you have!

Anonymous said...

I love NUI but it does put up new barriers for users with disabilities.

Lynn Marentette said...

Eelke, that is why I've been thinking about usability/accessibility for "NUI" or post-WIMP applications and systems.

I am particularly concerned that the interactive displays in public spaces, such as directories, wayfinding maps, and in-store marketing efforts do not address the needs of people with disabilities.

We have web accessibility standards, we need to have the same sort of thing in place for everything else that is supported by technology.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

That sounds great, but very little research has been performed in this area though. Where still trying to figure out how to convey targets using non visual feedback to allow blind kids to play exergames that require gestures aimed at targets. It's a very complicated problem which is similar to allowing people with visual impairments to interact with a touchscreen.

Best Eelke