Jan 23, 2010

More interactivity: Interactive Walls, Interactive Projection Systems, GestureTek's Motion-based Game

I recently discovered that Accenture's website has a few interactive web pages that provide information about the company's interactive wall technology.  What I liked about the site is that I could interact with it by touching the screen of my HP TouchSmart PC, and it worked!  (I'm always on the look-out for interactive websites that are good for touch-screen interaction.)

Below are screen shots of the on-line semi-functional demo of Accenture's Strategic Decision Interface:

(The website worked through touch-interaction via my HP TouchSmart PC!)

For more information:  Interactive Wall Technology:  Seeing the Big Picture

Newfangled Projector Systems:
New Projectors Make Any Wall an Interactive WhiteboardEpson, Boxlight unveil potentially game-changing technology -Meris Stansbury, eSchool News 1/13/10

"In a move that could shake up the interactive whiteboard (IWB) market, two projector manufacturers have just released new products that can turn virtually any surface into an IWB...The development means schools no longer have to buy separate hardware to enjoy the benefits of IWBs, whose interactive surface and ability to engage students have made them quite popular in classrooms."
The article highlights Epson's BrightLink 450i ultra short-throw projector which eliminates most shadows, and images can be anywhere from 59 to 96 inches diagonally with WXGA resolution.  The system requires an infrared pen. 

Another system is the ProjectoWrite2/W from Boxlight, which is a short-throw LCD projector with XGA resolution that can project up to 80 inches diagonally.


I've written a few blogs in the past about GestureTek.  I wonder if their technology would work with the projection systems mentioned in the eSchool News article. Below are a few examples of what GestureTek's been doing lately:

GestureTek's Video Game Wall at the Child's Play Activity Center (Las Vegas)


The above pictures of the Child's Play Activity Center show how GestureTek's WallFX interactive display system can be used to create a fun environment for children. The system includes a ceiling projector and a camera that can capture full-body motion.  The system provides 25 games and special effects.  Wouldn't this concept be great for interactive and fun educational games?

For details about this system:
GestureTek's video game wall shows where gesture-based games can go
-Dean Takahashi, GamesBeat, 8/25/09

GestureTek's Immersive Multi-platform Game:  Head-butting Interactive Soccer

"Video gesture control pioneer GestureTek., unveiled its new Momo™ Software Development Kit for game developers and original equipment manufacturers at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. Gesture recognition software tracks motion and objects such as faces and hands and brings immersive, gesture-based interactivity to multiple platforms, such as PCs, laptops, mobile phones, toys and other devices. The video is a demonstration of a head-butting soccer game."
GestureTek Interactive City Flight Simulator Game

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