Jan 19, 2008

Chill in an on-line 3d tropical paradise from Unity3d

Unity Technologies (Unity3d) is the company behind multi-platform game development company that offers an on-line demo of a 3d tropical paradise environment. This large virtual world is complete with palm trees and grasses that move with the virtual breezes, birds who chirp as they fly over tree-tops, and an interesting terrain that includes mountains, walking paths, a river, brush, and the seashore. Access to Tropical Paradise is free, but the Unity Web Player is required, which can be downloaded from the Unity3d website.

As I explored Tropical Paradise, I noticed that it had a soothing, calming effect on me as a wandered about. It might be a good tool to use for children and teens who get anxious or stressed. It might also be soothing for young people who have autism spectrum disorders. If you work with young people with special needs or have problems with stress and anxiety, consider adding this resource to your toolbox. Try using it on an interactive whiteboard or display if you have the chance, and let me know what you think!

Unity Web Player download

The second demo might be good for students who are angry and need to let off some steam. In the Shadow and Light Interactive Room, you can drag and throw the furniture around, turn the lights on and off, and explore the rooms.

If you are thinking about creating virtual worlds or interactive 3D games, Unity3D is an option. Unity is a multi-platform game development tool that provides an easy-to-use interface that provides a less complicated way to make 3D multi-user environments and interactive games that can be deployed, explored, or played on the web. It allows for streaming audio and video, terrain generation, realistic shadows and light, a shader system, a physics engine, and scripting/programming in .NET C# and JavaScript.

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