Dec 14, 2008

Dan Saffer's Book: Designing Gestural Interfaces; Gregory Siegal's LifeMap Photo App

Dan Saffer's new book, Designing Gestural Interfaces, is out!

Dan Saffer's company, Kicker Studio, specializes in touch screens and gestural interfaces. Chan Wook sent me a link to Dan's recent blog post, Concept: Desktop Touchscreen System. The post includes a variety of illustrations of various touch-screen interactions and features, including a "haptics keyboard when you need it". (Thanks, Chan Wook!)

If you are interested in multi-touch and gesture interfaces and interaction, join the Multi-touch Book Club at Jonathan Brill's site, Point & Do, for more information. The discussion will center around Dan Saffer's new book.

Dan Saffer is the author of Designing for Interaction: Creating Smart Applications and Clever Devices, one of my favorite books in the field of interaction:

Chan Wook also recommended a look at Gregory Siegal's LifeMap concept:

According to Siegal's website, "The LifeMap is a touch -screen digital photo storing and organization product. After tagging photos with people, places, and keywords, the LifeMap organizes the images in a way that users can document their lives over time..."My inspiration for the LifeMap came from noticing the lack of intimacy in the interaction with most everyday products. Family photographs are very important and currently the process of storing and organizing them is tedious and boring. I wanted to create a product for families that would promote a meaningful interaction and attach more intimacy to digital family photos."

(Gregory Siegal is working on a BFA in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon, with an expected graduation in May of 2009.)

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