Dec 18, 2008

Capzles: On-line beta interactive multimedia timeline.

"Capture your memories. Tell your stories. Travel through time"

(The above screen is interactive. You can slide the photos back and forth, and select one to see the the content on the screen.)

Capzles is an interactive multimedia story timeline that I found when looking for timelines about the financial crisis. Meltdown 101 was created by TruthDig, a member of the Capzles community. Capzles can contain audio, video, blog post, photos, and other forms of content. More information can be found on the Capzles website.


Telling stories in bite-size Capzles
(1/20/08, Erica Ogg, CNET)

"Capzles takes the idea of telling a story with a photo album or a vacation video and puts it all into one multimedia package....The start-up calls its product "social storytelling." Of course, this means the stories you make with its Web-based authoring tool are eminently shareable with anyone and everyone...Using a patent-pending Flash-based technology, photos, video clips, and audio files are uploaded to Capzles in a linear, chronological strip. Each image or file can be scrolled through horizontally and selected. Each can have a caption, links, and a blog."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing this tool! I think it would be a fun way for students to create timelines with a few different types of media. I have linked this in my new wiki, about business education and audio visual tools.

Lynn Marentette said...

I think Capzles has a lot of potential.