Dec 1, 2012

Quick Link: Comparison of Interactive Whiteboards

This is a good review of a few interactive screen options for educators.  If you are just dipping your toe into the ocean of interactive screen choices, don't feel overwhelmed.  Know that the decisions you make will focus on hardware as well as interactive digital content. 

The article below provides screen shots, a comparison chart, and information about interactive tabletops in addition to whiteboards.

TechLAB Shoutout:  5 Interactive Whiteboards
Brian Nadel, Scholastic Tech Tools, 11/7/12

Although I enjoy sharing news related to interactive technologies and applications, I often dig in deep, and include links to primary sources, research, and related scholarly articles when I can.  I view my blog as a repository or archive.

If you do a search on this blog, you will likely find yourself pleasantly surprised, even if the post was written a few months - or years ago.  

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