Dec 12, 2012

This Exquisite Forest: Join this massive online, creative, interactive, participatory, collaborative narrative animation project, by Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin

"Right here, in your web browser, you may contribute to anyone's creation and steer it in any direction you choose, or start a story of your own, by creating a seed animation for a new tree. Our hope is through the collective creativity of the web, an ever-expanding forest of narrative paths will grow." -Chris Milk/Aaron Koblin

This Exquisite Forest is a collaborative art project by Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin, creators of the online Johnny Cash collaborative project. The Johnny Cash Project was a crowd-sourced music video for Johnny Cash's final album (see below).

What I like about this project is that it provides viewers with the opportunity to create animations that link with those of other people, online.  All of the tools to create animations and music are on the website, along with  clear instructions and FAQs.  You can even curate your own tree.

For those who take a less participatory approach to art, the project's website offers something called "The Endless Theater", where viewers can watch the most popular branches of This Exquisite Forest.

The project makes use of Google's App Engine. Google's Cloud Storage handles the accounts and data storage.   To access the project, you need Google's Chrome browser, as the project takes advantage of JavaScript and HTML5.

This Exquisite Forest Project

The Making of This Exquisite Forest

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