Mar 16, 2013

Interactive MaKey MaKey: "An Invention Kit for Everyone" - Video Preview!

Interactive Invention:  MaKey Makey for All

MaKey MaKey is a hands-on "maker" kit created by Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum of MIT, based on research from the MIT Media Lab's Lifelong Kindergarten

After watching the lively video today,  I ordered my very own kit!

MaKey MaKey - An Invention Kit for Everyone from jay silver on Vimeo.

How does MaKey MaKey work?  It is powered by a board that can support 6 keyboard keys, and mouse control.  It runs on top of Arduino, an open-source electronics prototyping platform that supports multi-modal interactive input and output.  

I see endless possibilities and fun maker-crafting with my little grandson!

In the following video, musician/visual artist j.viewz uses his MaKey MaKey kit to hook up fruits and veggies to his music system.  

Watch j.viewz play a bunch of grapes!  The strawberries sound nice. 

j.viewz playing Teardrop with vegetables from j.viewz on Vimeo.

MaKey MaKey Lifelong Kindergarten
How to Start Making Your Own Electronics with Arduino and Other People's Code
Thorin Klosowski, Lifehacker, 1/12/12

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