Apr 11, 2013

Interesting Videos I Almost Missed (Future/Emerging/Creative Tech)

Creative Tech Videos I Almost Missed

I admit that sometimes I just don't have the time to hang out and watch interesting or quirky tech/future tech videos on the web.  Here are a few that passed me by the first time around.  


The first video for this post is of an interactive game installed permanently for children at the Royal London Hospital.  Woodland Wiggle is a work commissioned by Vital Arts, in collaboration with Nexus Interactive Arts, Chris O'Shea, Felix Massie, and Brains & Hunch.  The game was created in C++ using openFrameworks, and relies on an Xbox Kinect camera.   The installation is part of play and garden spaces designed as healing environments for young patients.  (See links in the "Related" section for more information.)

The next video is the creation of Igor Labutov, Jason Yosinski, and Hod Lipson, of the Cornell Creative Machines Lab.

AI vs. AI:  Two chatbots talking to each other

I liked this video because I once created a chatbox video game for an AI for Games class I took several years ago, and have fond memories of the hours I spent reading the textbook supporting the display on the right- Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach)

Tom Jenkins and Simon Sharp, of thetheory, created the following two video shorts. Address Is Approximate is a stop-motion video about a lonely desk toy who makes a journey across the US via Google Maps Street View.   Speed of Light uses a pocket projector, a video feed, and creativity to create an augmented reality-like police-chase short.  According to information from the Vimeo website, Speed of Light was filmed using a Cannon 5d Mkll + HD MiniCam, with MicroVision projectors.

Address Is Approximate, from The Theory

Address Is Approximate from The Theory on Vimeo.

Speed of Light / aka / The World's Tiniest Police Chase from The Theory on Vimeo.

Woodland Wiggle:  Interactive games on a giant television at the Royal London Hospital
Interactive Woodland at Royal London Hospital (Nexus Productions Website)
Giant tigers and rooftop teepees: the Royal London Hospital play space
Oliver Wainwright, The Guardian, 2/21/13
Note: I especially liked that in his article about the Royal London Hospital's play space, Oliver Wainwright shared this quote from Florence Nightingale's 1859 Notes on Nursing: "variety of form and brilliancy of colour in objects presented to patients are an actual means of recovery".
Cornell Creative Machines Lab
Robot-To-Robot Chat Yields Curious Conversation
Robert Siegel, Host, All Things Considered, 9/1/11
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Udacity Course)
Meet the Creators: Tom Jenkins and Simon Sharp Trade Viral Shorts for A Studio Film
Joe Berkowitz, Co.Create


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