Apr 11, 2006

Update: Games, Simulations, and Virtual Worlds WebQuest (QuestGarden)

UPDATE 12/25/09

This post is over three years old, and I have not checked the links.  It was created as part of a project for a course I took that focused on on-line communication tools and designing e-Learning experiences, in 2006.  I used this blog for a few months as an on-going resource for participants of a 3-hour workshop that was held at the 2006 annual conference of the National Association of School Psychologists in Anaheim, CA.   At the time, I was also taking "Virtual Reality in Training and Education", and chose to explore the theme of the webquest, games, simulations, and virtual worlds.

Much has happened since I created the webquest.  If you are here because a search led you to this page, do a search of this blog site and I'm sure you will find some interesting links and information!


The Games, Simulations, and Virtual Worlds WebQuest is posted at Quest Garden. This WebQuest was designed for school psychologists who attended the "Interactive Multimedia Technology: A Tool for Intervention and Prevention" workshops in February or March of 2006.
Feel free to explore the WebQuest if you aren't a school psychologist, but are interested in this topic!

To prepare for this WebQuest, first visit the previous post on this topic. The WebQuest includes a WebQuest journal with links to a variety of interesting websites. Many of the websites are interactive or media-rich. There is a rubric that can be used as a guide during the Webquest. The WebQuest can be modified for staff development and related training activities.

Quia Website Activities for School Psychologists/Workshop Participants:

I have set up a web page at Quia that has links to activities that relate to topics discussed in the workshop. You will find a needs assessment and action plan for school psychologists to complete. You can also find a WebQuest Scavenger Hunt, a shorter version of the quest posted at QuestGarden, with links and questions related to each link, in the form of a quiz. There is a "class roster" under the name of School Psychologists for workshop participants and those interested in participating in on-line learning activities related to the topic of the workshop.


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