Jan 28, 2010

Interactive Multimedia at ABBAWORLD: High-Definition Holographic Performance!?

What is ABBA World? It is an exhibit in the UK, an audio-guided tour through 25 rooms which will provide a "mind-blowing journey through the music, memories, and magic of ABBA!"  (I came across this info on Strombergs' blog.)

The exhibit will include an interactive experience where people can get on stage with 3D holographic versions of the members of ABBA. You can see the cartoony-ABBA's on the SquareZero website. Square zero is the content provider of the the 3D experience.  Musion Systems, the creator of the Musion Eyeliner high definition holographic video projection system, was another partner in this project.

Details about the holographic system can be found on the  ABBAWorld website, along with the history of ABBA.


stromberg said...

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme A Hologram after midnight!
Thanks for linking me up to your excellent blog!
- H Stromberg,

Lynn Marentette said...

No problem. Thanks for posting interesting things on your blog that I can share!

Emilio Pedral said...

Very interesting information about the 3D holographic display technology. Take a look at this application: http://www.cubicvue.com I had the opportunity of meeting with Rob Auten, the product is truly remarkable, great quality in a formidable solution. Regards.

Lynn Marentette said...

I took a look at cubicvue. It looks interesting! Thanks, Emilio, for the link.

0lly said...

Thanks for linking and crediting us . This was a great project - first fully animated 3d characters we've made for this system from scratch. We've been making different content for these holograms for over three years now .
Olly Tyler - animation director at SquareZero