Aug 25, 2009

MT-50 Multi-touch Table: Ideum + NUITech = Interactive Delight

Here are a couple of kids on Ideum's MT-50 multi-touch, multi-user table. You can see the delight!

The picture was taken from the videoclip below:

According to information from the video, the MT-50 screen provides a higher resolution than Microsoft's Surface. It comes with bundled with GestureWorks, a software development kit that works with Adobe's CS4, and NUITech's multi-software product, Snowflake Suite.

The MT 50 is designed for use in interactive museum exhibits, but in my opinion, holds great potential for use in public libraries and K-12 media centers (libraries), and even in classroom settings.


Ideum's Press Release (pdf)
Ideum's MT-50 Table Specs (pdf)
Multi-touch Snowflake Suite trial, downloadable from the NUITech website


Jeff Heywood said...

The beauty of the table and the picture viewer you're seeing there, is that you can attach meta-data to the pictures and the videos. Hit the "i" button on the picture or video and you get all the background. It's a small thing but very important. We have an even cooler feature that will be in the final build that goes into the Aquarium.

We're building a non-linear educational experience using these tables. It will be very cool.

Lynn Marentette said...

The "i" button is a very useful feature! Please let me know about the final build when it is ready.