Jun 21, 2007

Visual and Multimedia Literacy Revisited - Quotes

It has been about a year since I shared quotes about the importance of visual and multimedia literacy. Since many of my readers are responsible for putting together presentations about education, technology, and topics related to visual or multimedia literacy, I thought I'd link to my orignal post.

I'm putting together a short video for TeacherTube on the topic of multimedia literacy. My premise is that multimedia technology supports engaged learning and also provides educators with a means of accurately monitoring progress. While I am not 100% certain that the effective, appropriate use of multimedia technology in our high schools will help to combat our nation's 30% drop-out rate, I am pretty sure it will help, especially if students have access to on-line multimedia learning activities outside of school.

If you have any quotes that you'd like to share about the multimedia and visual literacy, let me know - even those of your own.

My hope is that this video will be useful for people who are interested in learning more about visual and multimedia literacy. Since it will be on TeacherTube, it will be available for anyone to use.

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