Mar 3, 2008

FireFly Game for Microsoft Surface: Demo by Carbonated Games; A look at a Multi-touch from Next Window

Watch the video clip to see more about Firefly game that was developed by Carbonated Games to take advantage of Microsoft's multi-touch enabled Surface table computer system. The game is in demo form only.For more information, see the article from Gaming Today.

For those of you who need multi-touch before you can get your hands on the Surface, you might be interested in NextWindow's multi-touch display, recently demonstrated at an expo:

Here are links to touch-screen project prototypes I worked on for HCI and Ubicomp classes I took in 2007:
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Unknown said...

Why not just buy a Wii remote and make youre own whiteboard.........costs about $50 see on YouTube..Johnny Lee Wii hack

Ask for a Mondobox the next time you go to your favorite bar or restaurant

Lynn Marentette said...

I posted about Johnny Chung Lee's hacks on my TSHWI blog:


I wish I could be Johnny Chung Lee for a day!