Sep 13, 2010

For the iPad: Reactable Multi-touch Mobile

More details later!

History of the Reactable

How it works (Info from the Reactable website)
"The way the Reactable works is deeply inspired by modular analogue synthesizers such as those developed by Bob Moog in the early 60s and enhances them with new concepts of sampling and digital effects processing."

"While with modular synthesizers one typically had to connect these different modules with patch cables in a complex and error-prone process, with the Reactable this is attained in a much easier and more intuitive way, since connections between the blocks are managed automatically based on their types and affinities and on their proximity."

Martin Kaltenbrunner (Co-founder of Reactable)
"His research concentrates on tangible user interfaces and the development of novel human computer interaction concepts within open tools for creative production. As co-founder of Reactable Systems he had been mainly working on the interaction design of the Reactable - an electronic musical instrument with a tangible user interface. He is author of the open source tangible interaction framework reacTIVision and the related TUIO protocol, which have been widely adopted for the realization of tangible tabletop applications."

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Craig A said...

Is this available yet to purchase from the iTunes APP store?

Cheers Craig

Lynn Marentette said...


Not yet. It is a prototype. Here is a link to the Reactable website:

Lynn Marentette said...

You can download and buy the Reactable Mobile app for the iPhone and iPad from the iTunes Store: