Jun 9, 2008

The new 3G iPhone: Expanding the Possibilities of Interactive Multimedia Communication

The new iPhone is filled with possibilities....In this post, I'm sharing some pictures of the iPhone that look interesting to educators and those of us who want to increase our interactive multimedia communication and entertainment when we are out and about.

The following pictures from a post I came across on the engadget website today, authored by Ryan Block, while he attended today at WWDC 2008. The new 3G iPhone, with a price of $199.00, was the focus of Steve Job's keynote. I've added a few links to the developers of new iPhone apps, where possible.

3G is fast

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Apple offers MobileMe service for the iPhone, which is something most people on-the-go will appreciate:

"Everything you need. Anywhere you are."

"MobileMe stores your email, calendar, and contacts on a secure online server, or “cloud.” The cloud pushes the most current data to your iPhone, iPod touch, and computer so you’re always up to date. And your email, calendar, contacts, photos, and documents are accessible over the Internet through a set of easy-to-use web applications."
Push email, push calendar, and push contacts Web applications at me.com
MobileMe Gallery for photo sharing MobileMe iDisk for online document access
20GB of online storage

This would make the iPhone ideal for mobile learning! Here is an example of an application for science:

Great for musicians and music students who are away from their gear:

According to Ryan Block, this application is from Moo Cow Music. The application is called "Band". Here are the features, as listed on the Moo Cow Music website:

  • Drums, bass, guitars, keyboards can all be played and recorded into one song from the same application.
  • Multitouch - press up to five keys at once for complex chords.
  • Animation shows keys being pressed, strings being struck, etc.
  • Any instrument can be recorded, or overdubbed onto a previous recording.
  • Erase any mistakes, then go back and overdub replacement notes.
  • A configurable metronome can be enabled or disabled during recording.
Here is a video of the beta version of the application:

"Kroll", from Digital Legends Entertainment, runs on the iPhone and is an action-adventure fantasy game.

Sega's Super Monkey Ball on the iPhone

Apple iPhone Site

Link to video of Keynote

Verizon, can you hear me now? I want an iPhone!

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