Aug 23, 2008

Natural User Interface new website shares information about the company's innovative multi-touch solutions...

Frequent visitors to this blog know that I've been following the development of the NUI multi-touch system since it was in the gestational stage, a university project of Harry van der Veen. I'd like to mention that as the NUI multi-touch table has evolved, so has the NUI website.

Take a look at the user-friendly, visually appealing website that showcases the Natural User Interface company's accomplishments, new products, and services. Here is some information from the site:

  • "Natural User Interface (NUI) is an innovative emerging technology company specializing in advanced multi-touch software and service solutions. NUI's solutions can convert an ordinary surface into an interactive, appealing and intelligent display that creates a stunning user experience."

  • "NUI provides both standardized as well as customized horizontal, vertical and angled multi-touch hardware solutions. With the wide variety of market leading suppliers and partner, NUI gives warranty on all our products."

For those of you who can't wait to dive into programming multi-touch, collaborative applications, take a look at NUI's Snowflake 1.0 software for OEM partners:

  • "NUI Suite 1.0 Snowflake is an easy to use, robust, fast and reliable gesture recognition, computer vision, image processing, motion sensing multi-touch software package.It has been tested and developed for over 1,5 year and valued as best in the industry by our global hardware partners."

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