Nov 19, 2008

More from Hewlett Packard: a TouchSmart Notebook!

The new HP TouchSmart tx2 Notebook is duo-touch, with a swivel display. You can use a stylus or your fingertips to interact with the screen. The price listed on the site is $1,149.99, but it s a bit more expensive if you order "the works".

According to the HP website, some models of the notebook come with a built-in fingerprint reader to assist with log-on or lock-up functions. It includes integrated Altec Lansing stereo speakers and supports multimedia entertainment applications. The screen is 12.1", with an HP BrightView LED display. It is capable of playing HD content.

Watch the video:

Explore the features in the interactive presentation.

Read the WSJ Market Watch article:

"The enhanced HP MediaSmart digital entertainment software suite on the tx2 allows users to more naturally select, organize and manipulate digital files such as photos, music, video and web content by simply touching the screen.

"Breezing through websites and enjoying photos or video at the tap, whisk or flick of a finger is an entirely new way to enjoy digital content on a notebook PC," said Ted Clark, senior vice president and general manager, Notebook Global Business Unit, Personal Systems Group, HP. "With the introduction of the TouchSmart tx2, HP is providing users an easier, more natural way to interact with their PCs, and furthering touch innovation." "

The notebook uses capacitive touch technology, and supports gestures such as "pinch, rotate, arc, flick, pres and drag, and single & double tap."

For more information, see Hugo Jobling's recent post on the TrustedReviews website.
The touch-screen in HP's products are from NextWindow. NextWindow now has drivers that will work with the upcoming Windows 7, which will allow for multi-touch applications.

FYI: Video clip of HP's TouchSmart single-touch interaction, from July 2008:

From Andy Vandervells' Trusted Reviews post, "Hands On with the HP TouchSmart"

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