Nov 20, 2008

CNN's Magic Wall Conspiracy Thriller on the Daily Show: John Oliver, Jeff Han, John King and a cast of TouchScreens and Windows...

"I needed to find a screen-free environment!" -John Oliver

"It's good to be King." - John King, after disposing of John Oliver...

I just took a look at a hilarious episode about interactive multi-touch screens and a conspiracy theory on the Daily Show. The episode features Jeff Han, the creator of
CNN's Magic Wall, John Oliver, John King, and others from CNN.


Via John Herrman and Gizmodo

If you are interested in multi-touch technology, feel free to do a search for additional information on this blog. The following post includes Jeff Han's demonstration of his multi-touch applications from TED 2006, along with resources and links:

Multi-touch and Flash: Links to Resources, Revisiting Jeff Han's TED 2006 Presentation

Note: If you are a parent, please screen the video clip before deciding if it is OK for your child to view.

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