Nov 19, 2008

Video of touch interaction on a HP TouchSmart, with NextWindow's Gesture Server Technology

Here is a short video clip of some TouchSmart interaction:

The video shows the new NextWindow Gesture Server Application.

Info from the NextWindow website:

"NextWindow Gesture Server Application in conjunction with a NextWindow touch screen enables two-touch gestures to be used on the Microsoft Windows Vista desktop and certain applications.

You perform a gesture by double-tapping or dragging two fingers on the touch surface. The Gesture Server interprets these actions as commands to the operating system. For example a two-touch vertical drag on the Vista desktop can adjust the computer's audio volume control up or down as required."

Also from the website:

Vertical Scroll Vertical scroll: drag two fingers up or down the touch screen.

Vertical Scroll Horizontal scroll: drag two fingers left or right on the touch screen.

Vertical Scroll Zoom: move two fingers apart or together.

Vertical Scroll Double Tap: double-tap two fingers on screen.

"You can enable or disable the two-touch functionality and adjust the sensitivity of each of the four two-touch gestures. You can also select the command that is executed with the double-tap gesture."

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