Sep 22, 2009

Impress: A cool flexible interface project by Silke Hilsing

Impress, a cool flexible interface project by  Silke Hilsing:

impress - flexible display from Silke Hilsing on Vimeo.

From Sike Hilsing's website:

"Impress is the deliverance of the touch screen from its technical stiffness, coldness and rigidity. It breaks the distance in the relationship of human and technology, because it is not any longer the user which is subjected to technology, but in this case the display itself has to cave in to the human. Impress is a chance of approach of user and technology, above all, from technology.

It is a matter of a flexible display consisting of foam and force sensors which is deformable and feels pleasantly soft. Impress works with the parameters position and time like other touch screens as well, but in addition to that, it reacts, above all, on the intensity of pressure."

The application was created with Aruino and Processing.

Thanks to Richard Van Tol for the link!

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