Sep 27, 2009

SpaceClaim's Multi-touch 3-D Modeling Software Video Teaser (with music by Kevin MacLeod)

YouTube Description:
"A preview demonstration of modeling in 3D using a SpaceClaim's prototype multi-touch user interface that will be added to SpaceClaim this fall. Also includes clips of ANSYS Workbench, Blue Ridge Numerics CFdesign, and Bunkspeed Hypershot, showing some finger dancing that you can do without multi-touch."

At the end of the video:

Special Thanks
3M Corporation
Blue Ridge Numerics, Inc.
Bunkspeed, Inc.
Microsoft Corporation
N-trig Ltd.
Music: Kevin MacLeod

(I always like product demo video clips that have danceable music with a great beat!)

Much more to come related to this topic!

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