Jan 21, 2010

Ideum's GestureWorks vs Adobe AIR 2 and Flash Player 1.0 comparison of multitouch and gesture support

Jim Spadaccini, of Ideum, shared information about his company's product, Gestureworks, highlighting how it provides better multi-touch and gesture support than Adobe AIR2 and Flash Player 10.1. Gestureworks supports multiple-point drag, rotate, and scale at the same time. In the video, the application is demonstrated on an HP Touchsmart 600 and a 3M multitouch screen.

Adobe AIR 2 and Flash Player 10.1  vs Gestureworks 1.0: A direct comparison of multitouch and gesture support

"A direct comparison between the built-in support for multitouch found in Adobe Flash Player 10.1 beta / Adobe AIR 2 and that of the Gestureworks multitouch framework for Flash. More about this comparison can be found on the Gestureworks website (http://www.gestureworks.com) and the Ideum website (http://www.ideum.com)  There is a blog post with more about this comparison and links to all of the example files at: www.ideum.com/2010/01/true-multitouch-wi th-adobe-flash/ "

True Multitouch with Adobe Flash - Jim Spadaccini

GestureWorks Supported Gestures

Example of Ideum's GestureWorks multi-touch, multi-user design for an exhibit a the Vancouver Aquarium:

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