Apr 26, 2010

STEIM- Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music: Interactive Music + Technology (Video clips and links)

I came across the STEIM website today and was impressed by what I saw on the videos embedded/linked below.

What is STEIM?  According to the website, "STEIM (the studio for electro-instrumental music) is the only independent live electronic music centre in the world that is exclusively dedicated to the performing arts. The foundation's artistic and technical departments support an international community of performers and musicians, and a growing group of visual artists, to develop unique instruments for their work. STEIM invites these people for residencies and provides them with an artistic and technical environment in which concepts can be given concrete form. It catalyzes their ideas by providing critical feedback grounded in professional experience. These new creations are then exposed to a receptive responsive niche public at STEIM before being groomed for a larger audience."

"STEIM promotes the idea that Touch is crucial in communicating with the new electronic performance art technologies. Too much the computer has been used, and designed, as an exclusive extension of the formalistic capabilities of humans. At STEIM the intelligence of the body, for example: the knowledge of the fingers or lips is considered musically as important as the 'brain-knowledge'. STEIM has stimulated the design of extremely physical interfaces and is widely considered as the pioneering place for the new live electronic concepts."

STIEM offers a limited number of internships and residencies. Also available are orientation workshops, and guest house accommodations for visitors participating in the workshops who come from abroad.

If I had the chance to visit STEIM, I would definitely want to play around in the Electronicmusicalinstrumentsexhibition (formerly the Electro Squeek Club), "an exhibition in the form of an arcade where visitors can playfully discover the major directions in the tactile approach within STEIM's instrumental objects."
Mobile Touch:  Finger Web

STEIM Finger Web from STEIM Amsterdam on Vimeo.


STEIM Sonic Aladdin from STEIM Amsterdam on Vimeo.

Watch for the interesting iPhone app:

STEIM Hotpot Lab #3 from STEIM Amsterdam on Vimeo.

Presentations by: Alan Macy / BIOPAC;   Jeff Snyder / Snyderphonics
Performances by:  Jan Tr├╝tzschler von Falkenstein;  Joker Nies and the Benjolin Orchestra
27 March 2010 STEIM, Amsterdam NL

The Benjolin:  Build your own electronic fun-box, by Rob Hordijk & Jocker Nies
Making of the Benjolin
STEIM concert curated by John Dikeman: MISSING DOG HEAD & KRK

Why does this interest me?   When I returned to school to take computer classes, my first class was computer music technology.  I have an electronic MIDI workstation/keyboard and I love sound synthesis.  

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