Apr 23, 2010

More Multi-touch: Multi-touch Table at Schlossmuseum Linz, by Strukt Design Studio

Schlossmuseum Linz / Multitouch Installation from Strukt Studio on Vimeo.

Info from the Strukt website:
"The first game Strukt produced is called “Solar Land”. The visitors can place solar panels on a map of Upper Austria, guessing where they would be most efficient according to the altitude of the sun in the area. After all items are placed, the participants can start a simulation of the insolation over the duration of an entire year. The game shows how much energy is produced during that period of time, and the top simulations are listed in a high-score. The results encourage people to discuss their decisions and to play the game once more, using the knowledge they gained to reach a better score."

-Picture from the Strukt website

Strukt studio is located in Vienna, Austria, and is a design agency that specializes in interactive media for events and exhibitions.  Strukt has an innovative portfolio of interesting work.


Anonymous said...

;) tank you for the nice posts but the name of the company is Strukt (without the c before the k)
Greetings from Vienna!

Lynn Marentette said...

Hi- I corrected the spelling !