Apr 15, 2010

I missed this one! Design and the Elastic Mind - the Interactive Data Visualization Exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, 2008 (Johnathan Harris and Sep Kamva)

I Want You To Want Me

The installation, "I want you to want me", is an exploration of the search for love and self in the world of online dating.  It was created by Johnathan Harris and Sep Kramvar, for the 2008 Design and the Elastic Mind exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. The installation has several movements that focus on the following themes:  

Who I AmWhat I WantSnippetsMatchmaker, and Breakdowns.  The result is a moving  glimpse into what it is like to be human and looking for a relationship in the digital age:  

"I Want You to Want Me" website
We Feel Fine interactive website, by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar
In March of 2008, I spent some time digging deep into We Feel Fine website. I uploaded screen shots of photos and text to Flickr, which are displayed in the slideshow below:

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

The following is a link to a post I wrote in January of 2009, highlighting some of Jonathan Harris's work:
Digital Storytelling Platforms and Multiple Perspectives: A look at the work of Johnathan Harris - Food for Thought for Interactive Timeline Design

I came across the link to this information from Anne Helmond's New Media Research blog, which addresses the fact all of the information we generate publicly on the web through our blogs, Facebook comments, and tweets, is readily available for data mining and storing. Here's the beginning of her post:

"A few hours ago the following tweet by @librarycongress appeared in my timeline  “Library acquires ENTIRE Twitter archive. ALL tweets. More info here http://go.usa.gov/ik4”"

All your tweets are belong to us

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