Apr 29, 2010

ART BY CHANCE: Ultra Short Film Festival, running on flat panel digital signage in the wild!

The Art by Chance festival will take place on digital screens in public places all over the world! Here is the promotional material from the Art By Chance website:

LOOK AROUND! Films leave cinemas for the streets

"ART BY CHANCE is a brand new Ultra Short Film Festival will take place from7 May to 4 June 2010 in more than 20 countries and over 100 cities worldwide. 
For this festival, you don't need to buy a ticket or go to a movie theater! Movies just pop into your lives in subways, buses, airports, shopping malls, trains, sports centers, art galleries, museums, plains, campuses, cafes and bars! Internationally selected and
 "TIME" themed creative short films catch you unexpectedly while traveling in the subway, waiting at the airport, shopping or just strolling around.

Art by Chance 2010 has set out to explore how the perception of time is unique to every individual and how time can influence the narrative of city life, one of modern man’s greatest challenges. Films touching the untouchable theme of time in their own time. 

Digital screens scattered around the city your host for this festival. ART BY CHANCE simultaneously air in Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, South Africa, Turkey, UK, USA and It reachs the largest audience ever, allowing art to break into the lives of millions around the world."

ART BY CHANCE 2010 Selection
17.01.1922 / Emilia& Marek Straszak / Poland
Before the Game is After the Game / 
Henriette Vogtherr / Germany
Contemplate Impermanence / 
Thomas Zachmeier / Germany
 / Serhat Dogan- Jeff Treves / Turkey
Eindeloos /
 Emmy Storm / Belgium
Eye / 
Todd Herman / US
Follow the white rabbit / 
Sylvain Favardin- Ludmila Korenarova / Belgium
Half a minute of eternity /
 Frank Becker- Bernd Straub Molitor / Germany
How to Use Time Flexibly / 
Eckhard Kruse / Germany
Irreversible / 
Appu N. Bhattathiri / India
Is this your limb? / 
Michael Ramsey / US
Mechanism / 
Michal Wojtasik- Agnieszka Kosinska / Poland
Melt / 
Kathryn Maguire / Ireland
Movemento / 
Ahmet Serif Yildirim- Davut Toy / Turkey
No Time / 
Caroline Arce Herrero / Spain
Parallel Spaces / 
Georgi Krastev / Bulgaria
Portrait and temporality / 
Pouya Ahmadi / Switzerland
Prelude to A Symphony (in Sweatch) / 
Christopher Dax Norman / US
Solid/ Liquid / 
Ozg├╝r Erman / Turkey
Temp Mort (dead time) / 
Manas Bhattacharya & Madhuban Mitra / India
Thanks Warhol / 
Caley Jane Dimmock / Canada
The best Buddhist / 
Wiracha Daochai / Thailand
Time cubed / 
Alexander Schmutzler / Germany
Time makes every static image dynamic / 
Justin Lincoln /US
Timebank / 
Arttu Lehtovaara / Finland
Trains, dames&timetables / 
Daniel Coss & Neill Staines / Ireland
Twentyfour seven / 
Aaron Rositzka- Julius Krenz / Germany
Until, after / 
Emre Ozerden / Turkey
Up and down at day / 
Bele Albrecht / Germany
Waiting / 
Amila Galappatthi / Srilanka
Wake Up / 
Zane Raudina / Latvia

View videos on the ART BY CHANCE 2009 website:

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