Aug 27, 2010

iRiS Interaction at the Playful Interface Cultures Exhibition & Ars Electronica Festival (video, short post, and links)

Earlier this week, I shared my wish to attend the Playful Interface Cultures exhibition at the Ars Electronica Festival.   Since I can't get to Linz, Austria to see the festival first hand, I'll share a video of the iRiS project that is part of the exhibition and festival - the link to the video was sent to me by Johannes Schoening, one of the iRiS project team members.  iRiS stands for Immediate Remote Interaction System, and is the outcome of a joint research project of the University of Saarbrucken and the University of Munich, in Germany.

If you happen to be at the festival, you can see the project in action between 10 and 11 P.M on September 5th and September 6th.

iRiS - Immediate Remote Interaction System from awiethoff on Vimeo.

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Ars Electronica is located in Linz, Austria.
iRiS Project Website

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