Nov 11, 2010

Newspaper Biz and 21st Century Tech: Great post by Tracy Boyer (Innovative Interactivity)

My solution to the failing newspaper business plan
Tracy Boyer,  Innovative Interactivity  (11/10/10)

Take some time to read Tracy Boyer's thoughtful post on the Innovative Interactivity blog covers some of the key issues facing the newspaper industry today, even if you don't read the newspaper.  She brings up some points that are worth thinking about, no matter what your field, since technology is rapidly changing the way everyone does business--and life.

I read the printed newspaper every day, but I also scan an assortment of "news widgets" I selected for my browser's home page.  I get much of my new news from tweets.   

My morning paper delivers old news, but that's OK, since it satisfies my addiction to newsprint.   But that's not all.  It brings up fond memories of my childhood when I looked forward to the Sunday paper so I could use it to build forts around the coffee table with my brother. 


Tracy Boyer said...

Thanks so much, Lynn! I'm trying to stir up the industry and get people thinking about reinventing the "tried-and-true" business model of the past. I appreciate you helping me spread the word!

Lynn Marentette said...

Your voice is worth hearing!