Nov 3, 2010

Oracle's Cloud Interoperability API, Intel's Cloud 2015 vision, Open Data Alliance, "Cloud Builders" (videos and links, just in case you wanted to know)

Oracle submits cloud interoperability API Larry Dignan, ZDNet, 11/3/10
Oracle Announces Oracle Cloud Resource Model Application Programming Interface
Oracle Press Release 11/3/10
Oracle Cloud Computing Strategy (Oracle Site)
Oracle Cloud Computing FAQ's

An IT Cloud Computing Roadmap from Intel IT

Intel, Other Top Companies Unveil New Cloud Mission:  Open Data Centers (Intel Newsroom)
Intel plays ringleader as Open Data Center Alliance launches ZDNet, 10/27/10
Intel's Cloud Computing Solutions

Open Data Center Alliance Members
Open Data Center Usage Roadmap

Lots of things have changed since I took a database class!

Microsoft Research: CloudFaster 

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