Nov 21, 2010

Telling a Story: Slideshow of Old/Historical Content

I don't usually share much about my family on this blog, but I was so impressed by my daughter's photos of historical and old/run-down structures that I had to post a slideshow of what she's passionate about.

Lauren is a history buff and enjoys exploring around to take pictures of anything old that has a story.   Whatever it takes!

The photos in the slideshow were taken with a Sony SLR, with no extra equipment.  None of the photos are photo-shopped. 

Lauren is great at "point and shoot",  and her technique draws the viewer in to her personal POV.  Lauren just had a little baby, so it might be a little while until she can finish researching the stories behind her photos.  When she does, I'll be sure  to share her finished work!

(If you were wondering, Lauren stopped going on risky explorations after she learned a baby was on the way.)


Skimbleshanks said...

I love photos like these. Can you say where and what these are?

Lynn Marentette said...

These picture were taken in North Carolina by my daughter. I think the building with the tree coming out of the window was taken at a training school for juvenile offenders.