Dec 11, 2010

Very Cute! Department of Defense Acquisition Mini Learning Games

If you are the Department of Defense, how do you make sure your workers in the Acquisition Department engage in required learning activities?   

Games!  You can access the games via the Defense Acquisition University game portalBelow are some screenshots, descriptions, and links:

Procurement Fraud Indicators

"Investigate potential Procurement Fraud Indicators in this game which allows you to form hypotheses, test your theories, even question individuals who might have something to hide!" -CLC DAU

Homeward Bound
DoD Casual Games
"Join Ratner's friends and help guide him back to the Pentagon; across rivers, highways, and highly guarded walls using your knowledge of Acquisition Strategy and Contract Execution." -CLC DAU

Acquisition Proposition

"How well do you know the Acquisition Lifecycle? Test your knowledge in this fast paced game!" -CLC DAU

About the Defense Acquisition University
"The Defense Acquisition University is the one institution that touches nearly every member of the Defense Acquisition Workforce throughout all career stages. The university provides a full range of basic, intermediate, and advanced certification training, assignment-specific training, applied research, and continuous learning opportunities. The university also fosters professional development through mission assistance, rapid-deployment training on emerging acquisition initiatives, online knowledge-sharing tools, and continuous learning modules." - DAU Website

Listen to the DoD Roundtable:  Interview and discussion about the casual learning games, featuring Dr. Alicia Sanchez, Games Czar, Defense Acquisition University
DoD Roundtable Transcript (pdf)
Defense video games perfectly capture excitement of acquisition process
Stephen Losey, Fedline, 12/10/10
DoD launches its own causal games site
milgamer, 12/8/10

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