Dec 3, 2010

Buzz about Microsoft's "Light-Induced Shape-Memory Polymer Display Screen" patent application by Erez Kikin-Gil

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I have a passion for interactive displays. Imagine my excitement when I learned about Microsoft's recent patent for a display that has a "topography-changing layer including a light-induced shape memory polymer.." !

For the tech-curious, here is the link to the patent application:

Microsoft develops shape-shifting touchscreen
Paul Marks, NewScientist 11/29/10

Clay Dillow, Popsci, 12/1/10

The name on the patent application is Erez Kikin-Gil.  I did a quick search and found someone by the same name who works as a Senior UX Designer at Microsoft.  

According to information on his blog, Tiltool. Erez Kikin-Gil's graduate thesis focused on the development of the Eco-Pod, a TUI (Tangible User Interface) designed to help children develop cognitive skills to support systems thinking.  He has a range of interests, including information visualization, touch interaction, prototyping, product design, and user experience.

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