Mar 26, 2011

Bill Gerba's Words of Wisdom about Digital Media Content (Via Digital Signage Insider)

In this article, Bill Gerba, of WireSpring, discusses his approach to testing digital signage content.  The article is one in an on-going series of articles:

Testing Digital Signage Content: The Need for a New Approach
Bill Gerba, Digital Signage Insider, 3/24/11

From what I've seen regarding the digital signage and displays when I'm out and about,  there is a need for folks in this industry to heed Bill Gerba's advice!  FYI: I've embedded a slide show at the end of the post that includes over 200 shots of digital signage and related "DOOH".

Digital Signage Screen Placement:  Targeting the Attention Zone 
Bill Gerba, Digital Signage Insider, 12/17/09

Making great digital signage content: Composing shots and scenes
Bill Gerba, Digital Signage Insider, 5/15/08

Lots of "DOOH"

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