Mar 7, 2011

Post from TechPsych blog: How about some iPad 2 apps for school psychology and related fields?

The video provides a recap of the iPad and highlights how it can be used in education, for students with special needs, in aviation, in doctor's offices, in the board room, in an art studio, in the kitchen - just about anywhere.

I wonder how an iPad could transform the work of a school psychologist!   I have a plenty of ideas, now that the iPad2 is out.  How can it help with RTI?  Progress monitoring?  Digital social stories?   Social skills activities?  Counseling? Behavior intervention?   Transition planning?  Assessment?  Communication? Productivity?  IEP collaboration and development?   

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a few iPad apps that could effectively support the work of school psychologists and those who work in similar fields? 

So much of what we use in our productivity work as school psychologists was built upon applications first developed in the mid-to-late 1990's,  at best.   There must be more efficient and effective solutions out there.     What can be done to move us forward?

Psychological and educational test publishers, can you hear me now?   

I have some ideas.

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